Ya, It’s KaTKiller here. People often ask me how I came to have this little nick. It all started back around 1993 when I was chilling on IRC. Someone said I should find something that stands out from the others there, plus the nick I had at that time sort of sucked everyone was using it. I had this stuffed cat in a subway bag (sort of a sick joke) and that’s where I came up with the nick. Now, you may think that’s sort of sick or I am some sort of sicko (that I am not). I use this nick as it makes me stand out when i need to differ myself from the noise of today’s Internet.

You may thank why stand out. Well, we all need to have something differs us from the crowd. To be a individual , to stand up and not be a number or statistic. I do think this key in today’s world where one can get lost in the everyday hustle of the real world. To not to lose focus on what you do and what you what.

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